Sandra S. said, " My Chiropractic care has helped me with my back pain greatly. The doctors and their staff are very professional and nice. I'm so pleased that I chose this for my pain. "

Lisa F. said, " My pain as well as my motivation has improved but my success story is not over yet! " 

Nakeshia S. said, " Since coming to Houston County Chiropractic I have begun to feel relief in the pain in my neck, shoulders, and back. Not only do they take great care of their patients physically, but they also provide great info and explain just what chiropractic care is and how it helps with more than just pain. I have learned so much since coming here and I look forward to this treatment helping me to feel better all around; migraines, back pain and etc. I am so glad that I chose Houston County Chiropractic. The staff are awesome! " 

Brian O. states, " HCC has a very professional and friendly staff. Great care team. "

Rhonda S. said, " I have been very pleased with the chiropractic care I have been receiving. I feel improvement after every visit. " 

Cheri P. said, " It has helped me tremendously, I am no longer in constant pain."

Abigail S. said, " I have never had the confidence to stand tall, but after a certain point it hurt too bad to stand straight. Chiropractic care has helped my body stand tall for what feels like the first time in my 21 years of life." 

Jorge C. said, " Chiropractic care has helped me a lot with my lower back pain!"

James K. Said, "Houston County Chiropractic has provided me with a holistic solution to my problems which resulted in tremendous relief."

Ester K. said, "So far they have made my pain reduce in my neck and upper back. When I first came I couldn't raise my arm now I can. My neck feels better & I don't feel as tense in my back."

Ashton C. said, "I have more range of motion in my neck than I've had in 10 years!"

Gladys J. said "Chiropractic care has improved my life 100%. I started feeling pain relief after just 1 visit. Chiropractic care REALLY works!" 

Jeffery S said " I came to HCC six weeks ago with tingling in the left side of my face and hands, after treatment twice a week for six weeks 95% of all the tingling is gone. If anyone has a medical problem I recommend Dr. Chris and Dr. Melissa. They have made a great impact in my over all health and I have relief after a year with this problem". 

Bethany W wrote " It has saved me from a physician giving me injections in my neck, hip, and knees."

Lea M wrote "After 11 years with this constant pain, I have had a noticeable decrease in pain. I would refer anyone to visit this office. This is the first office the VA chose, that I was excited about, that doesn't happen often. I will continue to come here!!"

Gloria L wrote " I was a Saturday morning walk-in appointment, in extreme pain with my back. Houston County Chiropractic took me in, adjusted my back and by that afternoon, I was playing with my grandson. I am a believer!! Best thing I ever did for my back! " 

Danielle S wrote " I have been using Houston County Chiropractic for 11 yrs and continue to feel better daily."

Mabel H wrote " Since coming for adjustments I have greatly improved.  Pills will not fix the problem."

Mariela G wrote "I was having pain in right hip and leg, since starting Chiropractic care I do not have any more pain."

Brittany H said " Since coming to Houston County Chiropractic my frequent headaches and lower back pain have decreased" 

Raven G said "I noticed a lot of lower back pain, shoulder pain and headaches. Since I have been getting adjusted, i have seen a huge difference. I haven't had any pain. The staff and Dr's are always very nice which encourages me to come."

Millie S wrote "I was scared of getting adjusted, but after dealing with migraines for years that kept getting worse, I decided it was time to do something. Since I started getting adjusted I can definitely tell my ranges of motion are much better. I enjoy mu adjustment days because I leave feeling refreshed."

Robbie D said "I am so proud and thankful for the care I have received from HCC. They have helped me so much and I feel 80 % better! I will refer them to anyone who is in pain, they are wonderful! The staff are always so sweet and greeting you with smiles at the door!"

Penelope J wrote "The day I first came in I was miserable, the pain was constant and uncomfortable, I was almost to the point at being depressed. Over the course of my care plan I am almost pain free!"

Soyna G said "Since coming I have had decreased headaches and lower back pain. I normally could not travel well without having a severe flare up of lower back pain. I just recently returned from driving a long time and have moderate back pain."

Victoria D wrote "I have been coming to this office for about 3 weeks now. I have noticed a great decrease in pain and stiffness in my back and neck. Dr. Melissa and Dr. Chris are so professional, helpful and kind. I couldn't recommend a better office!"

Lakiesa N said "I began my visits because of neck and back pain, after beginning my treatments I have noticed considerable changes as well as my sleep habits bettering. My back is not "tired" at the end of the day,. I am very pleased with the care I have gotten, I feel like my quality of life has definitely increased!" 

Linda G wrote "I was skeptical at first because of past experiences with other chiropractors, since using Dr. Chris I have had severe improvement! Less pain but also emotional changes. I am much more happy! I would recommend this office to anyone!"

Josh B said "My upper back and neck have improved since I started coming"

Jill W wrote "The numbness in my hands and the pain in my side has improved tremendously" 

Lesa K said "I have experienced less tension in my neck and shoulders. I have also learned a lot about overall health and how chiropractic care can benefit me more in more ways than just pain management. I would highly recommend this office to others."

Rhett B wrote "My back was injured in the past, chiropractic care helped ease the tension on the nerve and keeps my back relatively free of pain. Also, the essential oils I use to treat my knee pain helps keep the pain away for a few days until I do strenuous activities."  

Anthony W said "Chiropractic care has my lower back feeling better than it has in months!"

Traci A wrote "I can walk, stand, sit, and sleep comfortably. I can perform daily activities with no pain. Dr. Chris and Dr. Melissa are awesome!"

Terrah H said "For the past three years I have lived with lower back pain. I assumed the pain was result of my intense workouts, until I met Dr. Melissa. My life changed for the better. I no longer have lower back pain and my workouts have improved!"

Chris K wrote "With chiropractic care I have felt a lot better and feel like my body is getting back into shape."

Rick M said "My neck and sciatica pain are doing much better after each treatment!"

Irene B said "My body feels like it has been freed, I have learned how important good posture is and how chiropractic affects the entire body, no just pain management!" 

James T states "Prior to coming to Houston County Chiropractic, I had a stiff neck and pain when i turned my head to either side, also had tingling down both of my arms. I have been receiving care for 2 weeks and I can truthfully say I am much better!"

Susannah H wrote "I feel so much better since I started my Chiro care journey!"

Chuck G. said I have had neck pain for as long as I can remember, after just a few adjustments my neck is feeling much better. I have a better range of motion!"

James C. states "I came into this office with severe neck and back pain. This pain limited me in doing things I love! Now, I have little to no pain now and I can even sleep better."

Stephen P. said "My back pain is 10 times better thanks to Dr. Chris. I never actually thought chiropractic worked but I was proven wrong!"

Marcela P. wrote "Chiropractic care has helped me tremendously! I used to limp when getting out of the car, but now I am able to get out with no problems!"

Marilyn H. states "Excellent care, I was thoroughly evaluated, the Dr's are concerned with progress and the scheduling and timing of the visits are excellent!"

Willie D. wrote "They relieved stress from muscle tightness in my shoulders, the adjustments really work!" 

Brandon S. said "I feel that long term chiropractic care is helping me with daily function and for the most part has eased my pain. With frequent visits, I can tell when I've missed a visit for sure!"

Katrina N. wrote "The past 2 weeks have been amazing. I am able to do things that I haven't been able to do in the past year and a half. My pain level is so much better and I am beyond excited to see my results thus far!"

Claudia T. states "Even though I have only been coming to this office for a couple of weeks, I have gotten great relief from my back pain and feel better overall."

Shayne G. wrote "Chiropractic care has helped ease my back and neck pain, along with my headaches."

Ellie V. said "I love that I don't have to run to the pharmacy after each visit. I feel energetic after every adjustment! I wish I would have chosen chiropractic long before now! I love how each adjustment makes me feel. Also, I love the passion the Dr's have for self healing. I highly recommend any one with pain to make the choice to go with chiropractic care!"

Jean N. said "My headaches do not last as long and are no longer as painful as they were."

Carol P. states " My back feels better and one of the bones that felt like it was sticking out is now feeling much better. I hadn't realized that my spine was out of alignment until I came here!"

Richard W. said "Before I started care I couldn't lift my leg and it would take my longer to do every day things. Now; within a few visits, I am back to every day life with no problem."

Diana R. wrote " My back has improved and I no longer have to twist in weird directions to feel like my spine is straight."

Kim J. states "Chiropractic care has benefited me in many ways. I have experienced a decrease in headaches, which prior to chiropractic care, I was experiencing daily. In addition, I have less back pain and an overall sense of well-being. I would absolutely recommend Houston County Chiropractic!"

Tiffany D. said  "I've been receiving treatment for my Fibromyalgia from my general doctor in the form of prescription medications. I sought out alternative forms of care when I had little to no relief. The care I have received here has actually improved my symptoms and my mood. I sleep better and my pain is more manageable when it is present."

Shannon G. wrote  "Y'all have made me more aware and educated about the central nervous system and my health overall!"

Faith I. said "When I came for my first appointment, my neck was so tight by the end of the day I could barely turn it from side to side and my lower back would pop frequently. After coming for just two weeks, the tense and tight pressure has barely been noticeable. I am able to function so much easier."

Mike R. wrote "My neck and back adjustments have significantly improved my health. I could barely move when I came In for my first visit. I am almost pain free now."

Apollonia M. states "This has been a great improvement from head to toe with no complaints. I sleep better at night, no headaches, and less pain. Thank you so much, it has been a long time coming."

Jelena L. wrote "With a history of asthma, chiropractic care resolved it within weeks. I also suffered from a lower back injury when I was younger and doctors said that surgery would not help my pain. I am debilitated to the point I can't walk when I have flare ups and chiropractic care has been the best and effective way to manage my pain. My flare ups are much milder than they used to be."

Robert S. said "I have felt some improvement in my movements. I am confident that improvement will continue."

Laci L. wrote  "HCC has opened my eyes to a natural way of taking care of my health. Their experience and knowledge of how our bodies work has helped me to feel better in the little time of being a patient. It is not just a one time thing, it is a healing process that I will continue to ensure that I am at my healthiest. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Windy C. states  " We have figured out why my stomach was in so much pain. I'm able to stress less about the pain and be able to move freely with less pain."

LaTonya D. said  "They worked to find my problem areas and helped me feel better."

Karly H. wrote "They are really nice and try their best to find the problem and fix it. They helped my lower back pain with only a few visits."

David M. states  "The care I have received here has definitely improved the tension in my neck. The knot in my lower back has become less noticeable."

Dennis N. said  " My lower back feels more stable and my energy levels have increased. I feel very good most of the time. I have adjusted my supplements and have increased my intake of healthier foods."

Jose G. wrote  "Since coming and getting adjusted, I've noticed a huge difference. I've been able to go back to my regular routine. I can walk and run more without much pain and a huge difference when sleeping."

Alexia B. states "When I first came in I was in so much pain from my accident. I didn't know some of my bones were out of place and were the reasons for some of my headaches. After coming three times a week it has made my pain go away. I've even changed my sleeping positions after talking with Dr. Melissa."

Amy B. said "Dr. Chris and Dr. Melissa are so friendly and professional. After my initial evaluation Dr. Melissa did an excellent job explaining my x-rays and how chiropractic care could help my symptoms. I have been treated by both doctors since my first visit and they have provided me with thorough care. My pain level and symptoms have decreased in less than one month!"

Lori H. wrote  "Since coming to Houston County Chiropractic I have seen improvements in my health. I use to be afraid but now I look forward to every visit I have. The staff and doctors are very friendly and professional. It feels like family when you are here. Definitely recommend HCC!"

Ben F. states " I have been able to turn my head with less pain and my hips do not hurt as much as they used to."

Grayson C wrote "Since I have stared coming to the chiropractor, I haven't had any migraines."

Jerry M said "The care I have received has helped me to begin getting my life back. I am eating better, exercising more, and I feel more alive and well than I have in a very long time. Even though I am still recovering, I feel that the care and treatments I am receiving will improve my life."

Robert B wrote "I really like the exercises before every adjustment and the staff is very professional."

Antoinette A said "While attending chiropractic care, I feel that my neck seems to be improving. I have only been here for almost a month and I'm looking forward to more help and support from the doctors and staff."

Elizabeth E wrote "Amazing example of compassionate care and understanding with health restoration and healing by aligning my body. Completely grateful for the love from Dr. Melissa and Dr. Chris and the staff of Houston County Chiropractic. Thank you for helping me heal!"

Charlotte H said "I have a much better range of motion and increased ability to perform throughout my daily activities!" 

Nicole R wrote "I had horrible back pain after two failed epidurals. The pain us much more tolerable!" 

Patricia K said "I feel much better than I did when I first started! I realize Chiropractic care is a process and is well worth the commitment!"

Cory M said "My hands were in so much pain before I started care here. In the short time I have been coming, my pain has decreased and I have been able to do more with my hands! Thank you Houston County Chiropractic!" 

Brittany K wrote "My visits have made my days overall better! I feel more energetic and motivated!"

Jack T said "I do believe chiropractic care is helping. My pain levels have dropped from 9-10 to a 7!"

Carl Y wrote "I had severe debilitating pain in my neck and upper chest. Since I started chiropractic care my pain is gone!"

Carla B said "I had a migraine for five days one time and tried everything to get ride of it. I took my migraine medicine, went to my primary care physician and even went to the emergency room, but nothing helped. I finally came to Houston County Chiropractic and my migraine went away after my adjustment."

Anthony N stated "My experience here has been great, I can really tell a difference after leaving and would advise anyone who having any issues to give Dr. Melissa and Dr. Chris a call."

Beverly A said "Having chiropractic care has reduced my level of pain so that i'm not in as extreme pain as I was. It has also greatly reduced the amount of pain/tingling down my left arm to my middle finger and reduced my migraine headaches."

Deaundre N. said "HCC has helped out a lot, it makes my body feel very fresh."

Karen D. wrote "I can now sit with limited to no pain. Before, sitting was very painful, so I stood as much as possible. Sleeping was very difficult. I dreaded bedtime because I knew the pain would keep me awake all night. Since my adjustments started, I can now sleep all night with very little pain."

Joseph L. states "Houston County Chiropractic helped identify and alleviate problems in my neck and back."

William H. said "I believe chiropractic care by Dr. Chris and his staff have improved my back issues."

Kelly J. wrote "My pain has decreased with treatment. My mobility is increasingly better. I feel better overall and I am excited to see more improvement in the days ahead!."

Megan B states "HCC has helped me deal with pain and holistic body issues! Love this team!"

Sherril H. said "Between both Dr.'s they have considerably made my pain more manageable."

Britnay P. wrote "The care at HCC was a tremendous help for what I was experiencing at home and at work their truly is a difference now. I now have limited pain and pressure. The care at HCC is highly recommended. Both Dr. Melissa and Dr. Chris are the best I have seen so far and I wouldn't go anywhere else. I love the care I receive there and so does my husband. The staff are so nice and friendly." 


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Chiropractic care has improved my life 100%. I started feeling pain relief after just 1 visit. Chiropractic care REALLY works!"
    Gladys Johnson
  • "I have not had to take any medication in two weeks for pain. Mentally I have a sense of well being. I have more energy than I've had in the past two years!"
    Nancy H.
  • "Since I've started coming to Houston County Chiropractic, I've had a drastic change with the pain in my back. I feel a lot better and I'm able to get back to my everyday things."
    Renee K.